Thursday, July 4, 2013

DRUID Day 2 (18 June)

I had intending posting updates as the conference progressed but that didn't happen, still the summaries are worthwhile.

The debate of the first day was on whether financial performance measures lead to poor strategic decisions.
Watch it here.

The highlight of day 2 was the DRUID debate on scientific fraud. The examples are breathtaking and it seems the situation is getting worse. This is the first time I have opening heard serious criticism of the metrics of academia and how these are probably creating the perverse incentives behind fraud. In some European countries in an effort to get the paper count in A journals up, authors are paid CASH bonuses.

Watch the debate here, it is a vitally important issue.

The plenary for day 2 was interesting, but I am not that much into exploitation/exploration issues.

Papers. I only attended 1 parallel session.

Paper 1: Entrepreneurship, local knowledge, Italy, Econometrics.
Paper 2: Global (Regional) Entrepreneurship Development Index - uses GEM and other data to map entrepreneurship system in countries or regions.
Paper 3: Structural change, skill cohesion, individuals employed at plants at the municipality level in Sweden (this was my top pick of the conference papers).

Day 2 result - avoided econometrics and 'high technology' papers successfully.

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